ASYLUM STUDIOS is a architectural visualization  and motion graphics company based in Johannesburg, South Africa with offices in Port Alfred, South Africa and Moscow, Russia.

Our expertise is not only a culmination of dynamic creativity and over 30 years combined industry experience , but that in essence…ART. Every project to exit our studio is its own right a masterpiece.

At Asylum Studio we pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our work, we believe that one needs to have an integral desire in order to function and to create masterful artistry. It is this ethos in our culture and our creatives that moves closer to reaching our goal of making Asylum Studio the industry standard

Why choose us? Top local and international talent ranging from riggers to texture artists to model builders will be working on your projects providing you with the best quality out there not to mention just a nice group of guys and girls who are always will be willing to help.

At ASYLUM (and this is where we talk shop) we pride ourselves on the relationships that we have build and sustained with our clients who include the likes of MULTICHOICE, STANDARD BANK and THE LEGACY HOTEL GROUP. Our belief is that each of our client’s needs and satisfactions are of paramount importance.

Removing ourselves from architectural rendering, we also provide our clients with tangible 2D dimensional services. This includes creative direction and copywriting of corporate identity development, product development, product branding and package design and anything from brochures and books to posters and magazines.

We are able to apply our skills and talents to a multitude of industries. We supply engineering firms, architects and property developers with 3d architectural animations of mines,hotels,restaurants,casinos,offices,resorts and airports to name a few.